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Attendance System

RFID & Biometric Base Attendance System

Bengal Online Solution is the only manufacturer of school attendance management system based on RFID. This automation system is for all the colleges, schools and other educational systems. The best part is that this software and hardware solution is customized and can be made as per your budget and requirement. This system is a Ready-made system which is based on RFID and GPS system. It is known as the best attendance system ever because it has been successfully running since past 4 years. The system is based on the web, and can be operated from anywhere from the world.

Why Us?

We have precise and clear steps for schools to manage various contingent emergencies. Every school can implement this high-end solution which would help you in monitoring the student's entry and exit. Many renowned schools are using this technology and at times some have got it customized as per their needs. This program is unique and is designed in India for the first time. We have used the latest technology such as Wireless Satellite Technology, VSAT, RFID, GPRS and GPS for children's security and safety. The system is fully equipped with satellite technology and GPS which is easy to operate. No virus can attack this system.

The RFID Student Attendance System is plug and play, in that it literally just needs to be switched on. There is no for an additional computer, internet or LAN wiring. Data can be accessed instantly from anywhere in the world, providing real time knowledge of all attendance and student locations. Reports are also send via email and SMS every day.

All the devices can be monitored from anywhere from the world through wireless technology. Those have artificial intelligence to start on fixed time and switch off on pre-defined time automatically. Users can monitor the performance status of a device

We strongly believe in providing quality solutions to our customers, and this is why all our devices go through rigorous testing, ensuring high qualities that can compete with any of the Chinese devices available in the market today.

We suggest our clients to refrain themselves from buy cheap solutions with inferior quality devices, which some of our competitors might sell to capture the market. Our reliability could be taken from the fact, that we have the largest student enrollment in India, along with highest number of implementations.

People must not go for low-quality products and services to cut cost on security reasons. With standard warranty, all products must come with quality testing.